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What kind of company is Euphoria Living?

Our main purpose at Euphoria Living is to improve people’s lives. We are not about selling products and services, it goes way deeper than that. We believe, implicitly, in offering well-being packages to companies that go beyond a sale. We will work with each business to offer a bespoke well-being package to suit its employees, resulting in happier and fitter employees in the long term. We will design takeaways to help you as a business follow up with your employees well-being way beyond the sessions – We believe in sustainable change and not just another fad, we don’t do quick fixes.

I have worked as staff member, leader and senior manager in the corporate world for over two decades. I have been unbelievably fortunate to be part of shaping a fantastic business where values are not wallpaper, they are instead lived and breathed, employee well-being is seen as pivotal to the success of the business and people are the corner stone of the company, a culture where everyone is listened to as an equal.

I have also played a pivotal part in the development culture of the business, designing and facilitating self-actualisation programmes that offer tools to improve mindset and thinking in order to unlock true potential. I believe focus shouldn’t solely be on how to make more profit, or to boost the bottom line, but in fact to boost you as an individual. Guess what, it’s not rocket science… a happy workforce will deliver a bi-product of higher profits

‘People that feel good about themselves produce great results’ (Ken Blanchard).

I’ve taught employees to focus on outstanding customer service, to focus on improving themselves and embedding a set of values and operating principles that back up great service and great people, day in day out.

So why start Euphoria Living?

We believe, with all our heart, that employee well-being matters! In fact our data research tells us this unequivocally.

It's our goal to reach as many people as we can across the UK. A strong sense of well-being does drastically reduce high staff turnover, values that are practised day to day does improve service, and will ultimately boost profits.

People, Service, Profit, Community (in that order, and only in that order) is our philosophy, our passion and what we believe in. We only urge you to do business with us, if this floats your boat, we are your people.

So, what do we actually offer?

We will understand what well-being offerings will help you the most. We will then do the leg work to find you a bespoke well-being package with our network of like-minded health experts. We are all about bringing to you the next level of well-being. We urge you to visualise what the day could look and feel like for you and your teams with all the services on offer.

Why not end your day with the dulcet tones of your workforce coming together as you, the managers, leaders and front line staff 'core of the business' end the day on the ultimate high. If the hairs on the back of your neck don’t stand up here they never will!

Our strap line: Learn from yesterday. live for today, believe in tomorrow

It’s our belief that it’s never too late to focus on your well-being no matter where you are in your life. Even if you’ve never given it much thought in the past, it does not mean that’s the way it always has to be, it’s time to act today and believe in tomorrow. 

How often do you currently spend on your well-being (sleep, diet, health and lifestyle)?

Euphoria living is designed to be your staff mechanism for wellness. In order to do your best work HAPPINESS starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, but with you.

Help your staff to become the best version of themselves today in creating habits and passions that will last a lifetime…….!

Dare I say it... they might just come away having experienced one of the best days ever in the workplace.

"Support your employees TODAY to live a purposeful and meaningful life "

(Business Owner: Euphoria Living)