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Our team of UK and world championship level beatboxers are ready to deliver something you and your colleagues will not forget anytime soon. A Team-Building event that teaches, inspires, entertains and most importantly will have your team working together in the most creative ways.

Beatboxing gives us permission to not only make any sound under the sun but to be highly creative and have tons of fun. Every group has a different energy, different ideas and tastes and the end result is always something fresh and unique.

Maximise the benefits to your team when booking your next team building day.

Allow Your Team To Completely Detach From The Office

This is your company’s opportunity to shake up the energy within your workforce, rebuild connections, lift the spirit within your team and lighten the mood. Make sure that you allow them to completely detach from the office and engage in something fresh.

Put Everyone On A Level Playing Field

No matter how small or large your team is, it is important to engage in an activity that puts everyone on a level playing field, that’s everyone from the front line to the boss. We definitely tick this box. Putting everyone on a level playing field will build respect, trust and will refresh the human connections within your team.

Learn A New Skill

Organise your day around learning a new skill. Although each member of your team will have their own individual experience, learning a new skill on the day will give your team a common goal and something they can discuss later. Companies and organisations are increasingly interested in a more unique team building activity and something that will bring new energy in to the team.

If you can clearly tick these boxes when organising your next team building day you can be sure that you will have invested well in your team.


  • Increase employee engagement, performance and productivity
  • Improve staff retention, focus and concentration
  • Enjoyment and Fun
  • Rebuild connections
  • Lift spirits
  • Learn a new skill
  • Increase energy levels

The energy of your team at the end of the team building day should be sky high. You want to see smiles, laughter, excitement and a heightened sense of team moral. A team building day of Beatbox ends with a composition created by the group as well as the final beatbox showdown to see who will wear the crown – certain to leave your team walking away on a high.

We work in many settings - Schools, Corporate events, Festivals and one to one therapies.

1 in 4 people in the UK

1 in 4 people in the UK

have experienced a mental health problem