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The Task: To explore, experiment and evolve your given object through drawing and 3D explorations.  

1. Participants are given a basic object – natural form e.g. apple, onion, long piece of wallpaper and a variety of drawing tools and medium 
2. The group must EXPLORE the object – talk about it, describe it, hold it, look at it from all angles and communicate what they see/feel/hear/sense 
3. On the length of paper start to record these experiences through drawing and MUST FILL the paper space.  
Consider: which tools and media to use, where do you start on the paper, how will you approach the drawing as a group and/or as individuals – what strategies will you use? (these can be discussed later to share the facilitators observations and share how the participants felt/observed actually doing the activity and what strategies they applied – they can also talk about strengths/aspects to develop with reasoning) 
4. EXPERIMENT: The group can manipulate the object – cut into it, break it apart, print with it, draw with it etc to facilitate the exploration aspect of the task  
5. EVOLVE: Stand back and reflect on the piece and consider HOW it could be altered to change its form – start to explore 3dimensional outcomes – rip, shred, tear, cut, weave, roll, twist etc the paper and develop a 3D piece 
6. Reflection and Final Display of work: What went well…even better if…, strengths of the team, roles of each team member, team strategies etc (the reflection can be linked to the personal intentions of the workshop related to the participants needs 


  • To develop analytical skills
  • To problem solve To work collaboratively and develop team language
  • To develop creative solutions and potential outcomes
  • To provide a calming sense of exploration and manipulation of materials and drawing
  • To have creative fun! 

Groups to be organised (selection process, specific groupings related to needs, random groupings etc) 

We work in many settings - Schools, Corporate events, Festivals and one to one therapies.

1 in 4 people in the UK

1 in 4 people in the UK

have experienced a mental health problem