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Why not add a Motivational/ Inspirational or KeynoteSpeaker?

Many motivational speakers have unique backstories that they will draw on to inspire others. Some may have overcome life threatening inuries, illness or other situations, which led them to becoming the inspirational people they have become today.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

At Euphoria Living you get to choose from some of the best speakers on the circuit - OBE's, MBE's, Professional athletes, world record holders, Gold Meddalists and TV personalities.

Investment in your employees shows you are serious about them. 

Teaching new techniques, sharing the latest thinking and looking to motivate your employees is a great investment in your people, and when you invest you show your teams that you care about them and their career development.  Which are two of the top requirements that teams have of their leaders, which not only benefits them but motivates them too.

So if you want to inject some new ideas, or inspiration into your teams consider using a motivational speaker at your next team event or strategy conference. Not only can they help you get your message across, boost motivation, change their way of thinking and leave them feeling energized and inspired. They can do this with just one good talk, which is a great return on investment of both money, and more importantly time.

Euphoria Living Speakers 

International Speaker - Olympic & World Champion - TV Pundit - Sally Gunnell OBE

Motivational Speaker - Professional Athlete - National Record Holder - Michael Gunning 

International Speaker - Former World & Paralympic Cycling Champion - Mark Colbourne MBE  

Inspirational Speaker -  Successful Fundraiser - Claire Lomas MBE

After Dinner Speaker - World Class Entertainer - Mentalist & Psychological Entertainer

Global Speaker - Two Times World Record Holder - Adventureman - Jamie McDonald



  • Help get your message across
  • Inject new ideas
  • Boost motivation 
  • Change their way of thinking
  • Leave feeling energised and inspired
  • A great return on investment

"You can't just tell people what to do, you have to also convince them"

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