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**FREE NHS Wellbeing Event - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON 2021**

Whilst in support of small local businesses that also had to close their doors, as a result of covid-19.

In March 2020 the UK had it's first Coronavirus Death, and within 2 months the UK had surpassed 40,000 deaths. A milestone nodbody wanted to hear! Our Hearts go out to everyone that lost a family member or friend during those un-precedented times.

Whilst we were given the message to #StayAtHome and Stay Safe, our NHS Heroes continued to put their own lives on the line for the safety of yours and we want to say THANK YOU NHS with a 'Giving Back' FREE WELLBEING EVENT in 2021 - The Anniversary of Coronavirus, which shook the world.

#inthistogather #NHSheroes #NHSthankyou #clapforheroes #clapfornhs